One Hour Business Pit Stop — A Formula for Refueling Growth

Book CoverInspired by the teamwork of Formula One racing pit crews, Lindsley Medlin draws on his experience as a chief operating officer and consultant to share strategies for executing successful business operations. Topics covered include tracking and monitoring data, creating a clear and focused strategy, budgeting wisely, managing a team with integrity, creating a positive culture, and prioritizing problem solving skills.

About Lindsley Medlin

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Lindsley Medlin is a highly effective senior executive and chief operations officer, leader and mentor who draws on his extensive real-world experience to guide CEOs and entrepreneurs in building and growing their businesses and professional skills.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Rutgers University and his Master of Business Administration from Rutgers Business School in New Jersey. He was awarded a Graduate Marketing Certificate from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and is a Certified Blockchain Professional™, trained to assist businesses in understanding blockchain solutions.

Lindsley’s experience has taken him all over the world to head up operations in wholesale distribution, third-party logistics, outsourcing, technology, manufacturing and healthcare. He earned the nickname “The Cleaner” because of his ability to resolve complex situations, and he is known for being a voice of reason even in daunting circumstances. He’s lived abroad and built companies in six countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Lindsley credits his mentors with teaching him the importance of trusting people to learn, grow and make good decisions. Today he is committed to mentoring others with a philosophy of servant leadership, which he believes has a place in all environments, including the corporate world. In working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, he’s found he learns constantly from what they have to offer. He believes his responsibility as a leader is to give others a vision that is bigger than their vision of themselves.

When Lindsley became fascinated with the teamwork and efficiency of the F1 pit crews, he realized there were parallels with successful team efforts in a business environment. From this his own consulting strategy evolved, based on the premise that everyone is important to the team.

Currently, Lindsley is the President of Pitlane Strategies LLC. Working directly with owners of small and mid-sized businesses, he draws from his experience in leadership, strategic planning, operations, process improvement and marketing as he guides them along their path to becoming CEOs.

Lindsley currently lives in New Jersey, and when he is not following F1 or mentoring professionals and students, you can find him studying history, watching movies or spending time with family and friends.

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